Innovative Spark

What Makes Innovative Companies So Successful?

  • Have you ever wondered why some companies are able to successfully leverage innovation while others fail? Learn the principles to successful innovation to build your business increase sales and make your customers employees and share holders happy.

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The Secret to Innovation

Creating a Culture of Innovative Excellence

A culture persists, grows and ultimately determines the future of any organization. The key is understanding what the core fundamental elements of innovative success are and how you can leverage them.

What this Book Covers
  • Defining Innovation: The principles and key concepts surrounding innovation and excellence

  • Leading Innovation: Key attributes and takeaways for leaders of innovative organizations

  • Culture of Innovation: From hiring for innovation to establishing direct contact learn the principles of creating a culture

  • Innovation & Motivation: What truly motivates innovators? Passion and autonomy plus the ability to be a part of something exciting

The Key Roles of Innovation

Whether you're a visionary leader or an engineer, these are the three most critical roles to make any innovative company successful.


The visionary imagines and conceptualizes what the future will hold based on trends and current cultural values.


The engineer designs and builds the products or services to meet the demands of the future, paving its way to the present.


The entrepreneur discovers how to market and sell the innovation to the public and make it take hold in the mainstream.

What Innovative Excellence can Achieve

The results extend beyond sales and service and impact every area of the company, from the boardroom to the break room.


Increase in Productivity


Retention Rate


Sales Increase

Recent Articles on Leading Innovation

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